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Officials from the US Department of Justice claimed that the FBI's concern was that another of the alleged spies, Cynthia Murphy, "had been in contact with a fundraiser and 'personal friend' of Hillary Clinton".

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The 80-year-old former prime minister could not be reached for comment this week, but he personally received the award from Russian Ambassador to Canada Georgiy Mamedov during a reception at the embassy in Ottawa in late January, before events exploded in Ukraine.

Chretien visited Russia numerous times as a minister and prime minister, enjoyed a warm relationship with then-Russian president Boris Yeltsin, and played a key role in helping the country join the G8 in the 1990s.

Students had, it said, displayed signs stating: "Chapman, get out of the university!

", and "The Kremlin and the porn studio are in the other direction!

Fundservice Bank, a Moscow bank that handles payments on behalf of state- and private-sector enterprises in the Russian aerospace industry has employed Chapman as an adviser on investment and innovation issues to the President.

US Vice President Joe Biden, when jokingly asked by Jay Leno on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, "Do we have any spies that hot? Her visit caused an outcry in Azerbaijan; its foreign ministry declared that Chapman and the other Russian visitors would be classified as personae-non-gratae in Azerbaijan.Chapman later visited Tsitsernakaberd, a memorial in Armenia dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide.After her arrest by the FBI for her part in the Illegals Program, Chapman gained celebrity status.Photos of Chapman taken from her Facebook profile appeared on the web, and several videos of her were uploaded to You Tube.The plan reportedly would have involved Chapman seducing her target before extracting information from him.