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The couple made it to the third week, but were eliminated, resulting in a tenth-place finish.Van Amstel appeared in Cho's comedy music album Cho Dependent as her therapist.

He began dancing at 10 and entered competitions at 15.He stopped attending school at 16 to pursue dancing full-time.She said of her unique version of the splits, “Louis had an incredible partner he competed with.That split thing is something they’re known for and no one’s ever done it on this show and I was so nervous to mess that up so to get those amazing scores and such great feedback from not just the judges but the cast—when I went up to the skybox, it was like, ‘I feel so incredibly lucky to be here!A year later, Van Amstel decided that he wanted to retire from competing for a while, and came to the point where he finished his partnership with Fryer for the first time.

Three years later, in 1994, the partnership was re-established, and Van Amstel and Fryer went on to win three world Latin Dance championship gold medals in 1994, 19.They made it to the semi-finals, but were eliminated, resulting in a fourth-place finish.He did not participate in the fourth season due to all the females being taller than him, but he nonetheless maintained a role as a performer and choreographer throughout the season and season five.The wholesome Cheetah Girl truly lived up to the show’s “country week” theme as she spilled her guts to partner Louis Van Amstel about how her former boyfriend had been addicted to drugs and she hadn’t been able to help him at the time.Sabrina broke down in tears during practice, but she and Louis fashioned a rumba around the relationship woe and received a perfect score of 30 for the emotional performance. And after the show, Sabrina elaborated to reporters that her dance “was more of a celebration of working through an obstacle for me and going through such a tragic situation with my ex-boyfriend.He returned to competitive dancing with partner Karina Smirnoff; they won the United States national championship in 2000.