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Convenient, Quick Maintenance The cab is able to tilt at large angle, so parts such as the engine and gearbox can be lifted out of the cab for maintenance.

The front-mounted air conditioner can also be easily repaired by opening the front panel.

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Specialized cab Safe brake technology Energy-saving technology Low deck technology Flexible steering technology Anti-buildup technology Smart operating technology Maintenance tips afe and Reliable The framework structure and body welding are done by robot, offering the strictest regulation and certification on front collision and top pressure.

The instrument panel and rearview mirror design is superior to the national standard, and there are no dead angles in the all-directional range of view.

The unit can lift 400t on its boom and can work at a movement of 5,220tm.

It has 11 different kinds of operating conditions and can use a boom length of H operation at up to 117m.

This System Desk utility examines software components that are mapped to an ECU and writes names and paths of referred files to a text file.

Additionally all runtime environment files are listed. This System Desk utility can be used to keep the structure of the library or a network communication synchronized with the structure of the AUTOSAR packages.In addition, this device is built with a structural body, enabling the machine to operate with care.It is especially made to withstand tough environments including conditions where sand may be prevalent.You can adapt these scripts to your specific needs.All the script files include detailed documentation. P titled "Under the Surface" We are very proud of these songs and are excited to finally have them out for all you guys to hear.