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Eith Funimation we know what we're getting at this point.

About the only big mystery is who's playing Zamasu. Buu sounding so much like Josh Martin has me a wee bit worried.^ This was pretty much my exact reaction as well.

It was so surreal hearing him in the role, though honestly, it's a perfect casting choice.

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Can't say I'm too big on Buu's voice here unfortunately,, if I ever find a way to watch this dub, I'm so there.

I can't believe the alternate Super is a Bang Zoom dub. I'm disappointed it wasn't Ocean doing this, since I feel they deserved this level of work more. Satan is just as perfect casting much like Chris Rager is in the FUNimation dub. Satan is Heihachi Mishima in both English and Japanese now.

Cartoon Network refuses to show new episodes and keeps the rights to the airing to themselves.

I've sent messages (polite and void of cursing) to them but the only response I get back is a confirmation email saying "We got your message and we appreciate your words" Looking at the Foxtel guide for August and once again there'll apparently be new episodes airing every weekday running from the 1st till the 11th (excluding Weekends) So seven episodes in total. But I don't think that grain of salt should be taken lightly.

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About the only big mystery is who's playing Zamasu. Buu sounding so much like Josh Martin has me a wee bit worried. Can you imagine if they somehow got him to do this AND the Funi dub?