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But with your luck, they'd return the favor and text hundreds of cat pictures back to you, making every day Caturday.

Is there anything more annoying than someone who keeps texting you, even when you don't respond?

With texts, you can't just do the universally accepted, "My reception is fading.

I can't hear you," and then give an Oscar-worthy performance as a person dealing with failed reception.

You can make as much made-up static and dropped-call distress as possible, and if you're the Meryl Streep of horrible static, you might throw out a few random words between the garbled sounds.

or your tactic could backfire if they decide they actually enjoy texting you more if it annoys you.

Comedy duo, Tripp and Tyler, have a great way to get rid of unwanted texters — make them think that they're being charged.That's one thing that no one, no matter how desperately they want to text you, wants. Enough with the "I don't have a signal" calls; eventually, your caller will get frustrated and stop calling you.Unfortunately, there's no such thing as text-static, and you can't just hang-up on an annoying texter.You can try to pretend that your phone was lost/stolen, and text that to your over-texter, but they might decide that they don't care who gets their messages and continue to send them.You then might decide to give it right back to your texter and bombard them with images of cats.