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Now when I go to the add/remove programs, I cannot find either of the three or four Sophos programs that were on the list.

If it's any consolation, I just did a fresh install of Shopos last night and it's not updating. The only issue that I see is that if they are configured differently, I cannot change it as the settings are locked out. Adam Normally I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling.But since you are not familiar with that procedure for Sophos you are left to contacting the GSC. [m]ethods for circumventing Church policies or security mechanisms."The GSC will provide the instructions to uninstall Sophos if that is necessary.I would hate to leave the computer without up to date AV definitions. In one of the efforts to troubleshoot, I tried to uninstall the program to reinstall it.When I tried to do that I was greeted with a message that stated that I did not have the necessary Sophos Administrator level to remove it.So I backed up the data, wiped the hard drive and started over. Ok, sounds like this problem will have to wait till after the stake conference broadcast this weekend.

The last time the tried to broadcast, it failed, then I got called to this calling.We forced a program update to version 10 (this issue existed before the forced update from 9.5), but it cannot connect to the servers to get the virus definitions.I have included a text log of the output for the update attempt.nothing like needing to make sure that it works when a general authority is here.Oh well, I guess if does not go well, then they can release me Adam Sophos on the clerk's computer in my home ward hasn't updated for many months.We also tried to right click on the Sophos icon in the tray and click on "Update Now".