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The last time I test drove a Toyota Corolla it was a then-new 2014 Corolla that gave me more than 51 MPG on one of my trips, and averaged nearly 39 MPG throughout my test drive.It was a phenomenal performance, and one that had its doubters.

As a baby-hauler, it’s OK, and you could try to justify the leather as being easier to clean- but I didn’t find the cloth seats in my 2014 tester all that difficult to clean, either.

Neither did I find the S Premium package to offer particularly Sporty or Premium handling.

All in all, the latest 2016 Toyota Corolla S Premium is an excellent, well-engineered machine that delivers stellar, real-world fuel economy and decent passenger space.

It’ll hold its resale value and will reliably get you from point A to point B in reasonable comfort for $23,890.

To say, then, that I was surprised by what the Toyota’s fuel-economy computer reported after a week and nearly 300 miles of driving might be a bit of an understatement. After just over 290 miles of driving in mixed conditions that included downtown Chicago, gridlock on the Eisenhower Expressway, and about 150 or so miles of smooth highway sailing at 55-60 MPH, my 2016 Toyota Corolla S Premium tester got 50.1 MPG. Yes, I do trust the fuel economy calculations on modern cars.

Yes, I did inflate the tires a bit on the high side (38 psi).Yes, I did intentionally keep my cruising speeds on the low side to boost fuel economy. Despite the stellar fuel economy and top-of-the-line S Premium package on the car, my 2016 Toyota Corolla tester wasn’t perfect.That said, I do those things with each and every car I test drive, and I’ve never seen cars so significantly and consistently out-perform their EPA ratings- even using their own computer-reported fuel economy figures. For starters, the Sof Tex “leather” felt a bit off- and leather, in general, seems out of place in what is, otherwise, a very simple A-B type of car.These exciting events create lots of opportunities to meet and interact on a personal basis with like-minded discerning singles in their 30s through 50s.At these gatherings, our members share their enjoyment of fine food, wine, close relationships and warm conversation, plus all other aspects of the gourmet lifestyle.No pressure, no contrived “dating” situations, and certainly no awkward fix-ups or risky blind dates—just a great way to meet someone new all while having a terrific time!