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Finding acceptance that this was not-optional helped, and also finding Ninja ways around it helped, too! And remember, for everything new you choose - you don't have to marry it! It's over....I'm sure you had some high points and some low ones. Visiting the classrooms with carts of books - making my teaching "to go" or "on delivery" quelled my need for that teaching fix, our daily show on our MHTV station, and 8th grade recess bonding fun in the library, kept me connected to my kids. Set a reasonable goal for your profession and practice next year and keep it. Kathi kindly came in an hour early most days to help in the Media Center and our Principal Mr. Bell work in the Library Media Center a period a day.

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Why not create your own positive lunch bunch & eat in the library or classroom? I usually eat my lunch alone in our TV studio reading TV recaps, BRAVO blogs, and celebrity gossip. I NEED quiet for at least 30 min in the middle of the day to be centered.

We can count our class of '57 as having 96 classmates (89 are pictured in the '57 yearbook and 7 others were in the clsss but moved and graduated from other highschools).

As of September 2007, sixteen of our classmates have passed away and thirteen can not be located.

With seething anger and hostility or professionalism and positivity? One of the things that helps me keep my positive attitude going is a Happy Folder.

I also really like my paycheck and I'd like to someday retire with a pension. Create a manila or digital photo folder of thank you notes, pictures of gifts, screenshots of Tweets, or emails from students, former students, and colleagues that can keep you going when you need a pick me up! Living an authentic life with joy, choosing happiness, and a being in a profession with continual reflection, rededication, and without regrets is the way to go! We're all in this together - let's help each other out!

More importantly, being a bitter angry person about situations you can't change really doesn't feel so good. If you're not feeling it, then you're doing yourself and our students a disservice. Join the conversation in the comments to either mock my persistently positive Pollyanna personality and over use of alliteration! So, we've decided to adopt a Tim Gunn, "Make it Work" Project Runway kinda attitude. Do people avoid you in the hallways because they know you will always have something to moan about? Our profession and our kiddos are so precious, and our responsibility to our students is so great, that if you don’t have the proper enthusiasm and optimism for it then maybe some serious soul searching needs to happen – STAT! We all have them, and frankly, my failures teach me SO MUCH more than my successes. ), breathe, sleep, (I do a lot of that) heal (it seems like I often get a cold at breaks & holidays - like my body says "Oh, you have time go!) putter, get a massage, swim, run, walk, nap, garden - Disconnecting from social media is also helpful - going off the grid - consider taking a Digital Detox. But, committed to being a positive school team member, I (constantly) reminded myself that we weren't the only school in my district or state MAP, PARCC, and standardized testing and we weren't the only school to lose a Library Media Assistant (ALL Middle & High Schools lost their assistant last year - there was no fighting it, it was a done deal :-(.I have a hard time with that sometimes, but it's lovely. Sorry (not sorry) for my lack of blog posts, Tweets, and Social Media posts. Last year I decided to ditch the duct tape craft cubby in my Makerspace because of how much tape was wasted and several little spats that it caused. Sometimes things happen in school or life that sucks. ) Even though some days, you gotta fake it till you make it, students can tell when you've mentally given up or checked out.I believe it's the measure of one's character and who you are how you react, cope, and recover from bad situations. They can also REALLY tell when you secretly (or maybe not so secretly) dislike them. Go consult, go corporate, go work at Macy's, join the Peace Corps, whatever, GET OUT or GET BETTER! They deserve our passion and genuine enthusiasm about what we do.