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Others are turned on by the possibility that I may not be around as much as a normal woman (players).The other category are those that assume that because I'm on the go, I have multiple boyfriends or I sleep around (insecure jealous types maybe? But, as I generalize the men I've dated, I know that every man doesn't easily fall into such catagories.

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In the meantime, George gets all my buddy passes and an unlimited supply of pretzel snacks.

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Quite frequently the assumptions about my romantic life by both men and women are amusing. I'm still surprised, that a lot of people still have this idea of flight attendant as a glamorous 1960's Pam Am jet-setter.

Okay, I try to look glamorous every now and then, but the steamy love affairs in that Pam Am television series is not anything remotely close to reality.

Travel and adventure are a part of the package with me (although not free).

And I like that my dating pool is wider because I'm not limited by geography.Others have mates who don't like to travel and I personally, don't understand how they do it. So reflecting on my own adventures and misadventures, lately I've been throwing the frogs back into the pond as quickly as possible.I'm also learning how to master the rules of the dating game.They understand the importance of respect, honesty, integrity and trust between two people.It's true, I and my co-workers are constantly on the go.While there are some crazy suggestions on the internet about dating a flight attendant, there are websites and other flight crew blogs that give some pretty truthful tips as well.