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In season 2 of The Blacklist, ghost marriage is a central theme of Episode 20 ("Quon Zhang, No.

In another reported ghost marriage, the groom's family sent wedding cakes and NT 0 to the bride's family, who returned it with a dowry of a gold ring, gold necklace, several pairs of shoes, and six dresses "all fitted for the use of the groom's living wife." On either side of them stands their respective paper servants, and the room contains many other paper effigies of products they would use in their home, such as a dressing table (complete with a mirror), a table and six stools, a money safe, a refrigerator, and trunks of paper clothes and cloth.

After the marriage ceremony is complete, all of the paper belongings are burned to be sent to the spirit world to be used by the couple.

Even in contemporary Hong Kong, I was told that unmarried women are assumed to have psychological problems.

Presumably no normal person would remain unmarried voluntarily." that allowed them to remain single while still being integrated into a lineage.

Shortly before the murder, a brief traditional wedding ceremony is held so that the dead sons have company in their afterlife.

While the character performing the murders portrays this as long-standing Chinese tradition, the writers used the epilogue to point out that the authentic tradition did not involve murder and that the criminals had perverted the practice to their own ends.The broker announces that he is willing to undertake the search for a family which has a suitable deceased member with a favourable horoscope." Typically, the family lays a red envelope (usually used for gifts of money) as bait in the middle of the road.They then take to hiding, and when the envelope is picked up by a passer-by, they come out and announce his status of being the chosen bridegroom.What are the differences between dating an American person versus a Chinese person?Of course, every individual relationship is different.the ghost marriage might profit them with the asset of having a daughter-in-law.