The computer must be restarted before updating

So far, those are the only issues I have encountered using Ubuntu 14.04.Hopefully this post is useful to someone running into the same problems.

The download page states that 14.04 (aka "Trusty Tahr") comes with "five years of security and maintenance updates, guaranteed." Alas, the page fails to mention the release date, which was July 24, 2014.

When a new version of Ubuntu comes out, the OS will keep nagging you until you upgrade.

I'm sure it has caused lots of confusion, as most users probably do not know what what xscreensaver and xlockmore are.

Is it so hard for the installer to tell which one is in use?

I commented out the line from /etc/pm/config.d/modules, in case I ever need it again, so the file now looks like this: from the command-line, and then bringing the computer back up and watching it automatically reconnect to my local wifi.

I use the command-line a lot, and a day never goes by without heavy use of git as well.Why in the world can the installer not simply stop these programs itself?!The solution was simple enough: in a terminal, I ran: The first command was to see if I had any programs running with "screensaver" in their name (I did: xscreensaver).Everything looked normal: networking was enabled, wifi hotspots were detected, but a connection could simply not be made.After going through bug reports online and verifying the sanity of the output of commands such as "nmcli nm" and "lshw -C network", I found a solution.Then I did the same thing with the string "lockmore" (which found no matches, as I expected).