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The Big Creek Shut-ins are one of the main features of Sam A. 66, is less attractive due to some of the blights of civilization, but these last three miles can be tolerated for the sake of the better take-out at the mouth, or a continued trip on the Gasconade.* Big Sugar Creek is a 47-mile-long (76 km) waterway in the Ozark Mountains of southwest Missouri. Only about 24 miles (39 km) of this is floatable during the spring and summer.Baker State Park and are worth seeing by boat when there is sufficient water.* The Big Piney is the largest tributary of the Gasconade River and is rated as one of the best fishing streams, especially in its upper and middle reaches where you can view limestone bluffs topped with pines and where there is a good chance to see wild turkey. The gradient is near 9 feet per mile from Highway 90 to Cyclone and 6 feet per mile to Pineville, Missouri. One flows north from Garfield, Arkansas, and one, west near Seligman, Missouri, and another, south from Washburn, Missouri.Numerous good-sized and beautiful springs feed the river so that it is floatable throughout the summer, except in especially dry years. Big Sugar flows west down Sugar Creek Valley, where it is joined by Otter Creek, from Pea Ridge, Arkansas.

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Bee Bluff Hole is known for its deep water and large fish.

At the end of Highway V, is Little Cedar Hollow on the right, followed by the Horseshoe Bend just above the town of Cyclone. Big Sugar then splits, the old channel flows to the right and heads into the town of Pineville.

The left channel meets Little Sugar Creek, forming Elk River (Oklahoma).

Flowing west, Big Sugar goes through the town of Powell, Missouri.

Bentonville Hollow and Creek join Big Sugar at Highway E Bridge.

One mile past Powell, Mikes Creek enters from the east.Further down the creek stands the famous Bee Bluff, known for its high cliffs which tower against the side of the mountain.This creek, long a favorite with fly fishermen, is nearly the size of the Niangua River, but has a less constant warer supply.In recent years, Beaver Creek, which flows through the Mark Twain National Forest, has become popular with paddlers, due to its general attractiveness and its good gradient.Summer floats, unless you want to wade and fish, should start in the Bradleyville area or below.* This St.Francis River tributary is only floatable in spring and early summer.