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So, you better try to be positive than trying to be confident, because trying to become a positive person is a more specific advice and what you can do about it.

Positive thoughts can make you more positive, but also exercise and loving relationships.

Drink coconut water, miso soup, take just ditch junk food. She also had ways of giving people confidence just by being really respectful. The funny thing is, is that she's not the only good person I knew. All of them have many admirers it's just that they don't realize because they're so oblivious. A good way to show respect, is to not be rude, don't be racist, don't be superficial, don't put yourself above others..Don't. You must love the body that God has given you, and if you want the guy/girl of your dreams, then try to be healthy. It is as though you want to cast your darkness onto everyone else and that is selfish. She was very clingy to me, she could be a real pushover and she thought everyone was really stunning. She'd say, "you're so pretty" to every girl or about nearly every girl and age genuinely thought it. She was so loved that even all the girl's adored her. That's what qualifies them to help or counsel other people. Try online dating first and see if you can find someone you like, it would be easy start.Be polite Women love men who are polite and show appreciation.It would be a lot harder to find such a woman but it’s possible.

I know a few cases where a woman is a breadwinner and a husband is a stay home husband. ” it’s nice but your girl probably hears it every day many times a day.

No offense, "first date is alright to make out" needs to be built. If you just give it to someone, then you might as well become an actor, because there's no way that a kiss will be meaningful with someone you hardly know.- also, you shouldn't trust your hormones straight away or trust the person.

Getting to know the person through activities, through dating..actually is a good way.

Don’t be afraid to be a nice guy, not every one wants to be teased and challenged in that way.

Many men get dating advice to tease women and challenge them but very often they come across as rude people who women try to avoid.

You also need to know what you can offer to a beautiful woman.