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She looked at what appeared to be to be a broken down home.

There were signs that this house had not been properly cared for in quite a long time.

The vibe that Lucy was getting from this place was telling all of her senses that it was a very bad and possibly dangerous idea for her to go in there, but she had to get Austin to delete those photos of her in order to protect her career.

You’re so stupid Lucy, you only dated him because he wasn’t liked the other guys you dated in the past and now look where it has gotten you!Driving off to some random address to either be raped or murdered and raped!Lucy waited until Austin was sound asleep after they had sex. ” Lucy screamed as tears started to run down her cheeks.Nothing could wake him up after they went a round or two in bed so she had no worries about him waking up and discovering her being a little sneak and looking through his phone. Austin looked at the phone to see all of the text message conversations he’d been having with other girls. I let all of those other girls know what kind of guy you are and they are kicking you out like I am,” she told Austin to his shock. Austin had packed his things and was about to leave Lucy’s beautiful Los Angeles home.The realization that Austin could be cheating on her was something she didn’t want to have to admit to herself but it would explain him coming and going at weird times and his other strange behaviors.

Lucy didn’t like that she had to do it, but she decided to look through Austin’s phone while he was sleeping. “Pack all of your things and get the fuck out of my home now!

“I hate you, just text me where you want to meet and we’ll work something out,” Lucy said as she did her best to control herself, even though she wanted to just scream obscenity after obscenity at him. You must be there by 7 pm tonight,” Austin said before the phone went silent as he sent her the address in a text. “Remember to come alone, or else people will know what Lucy’s tiny tits look like.” “Fine, but if these photos leak before I get there, I’m going to fucking kill you,” she told Austin, surprising him since it was unlike Lucy to curse let alone curse on the phone.

Lucy hung up her cell phone and put it in her purse.

“Looks like the lady of the hour has finally arrived,” Austin thought to himself as he looked out the window to see Lucy’s vehicle park.

Austin watched Lucy get out of the car as he looked over what Lucy was wearing.

After a little sound of the door handling jingling on the other side, he opened the door.