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** Task * [HHH-5652] - Create "Take It Further" tasks for the JPA chapter of the GSG * [HHH-6014] - Migrate hibernate-envers tests to JUnit4 * [HHH-6023] - Create "Take It Further" tasks for the Envers chapter of the GSG * [HHH-6092] - Create domain and relational state APIs for Simple Attribute Binding and implement for XML mappings * [HHH-6098] - Slight naming changes in regards to new logging classes * [HHH-6101] - Clean up checks for java 1.3 versus 1.4 * [HHH-6107] - Metamodel dependence on Service Registry * [HHH-6111] - Switch to use JAX for xml parsing * [HHH-6115] - jaxb generation should follow directory pattern * [HHH-6131] - JAXB generated classes should have a prefix to distinguish then easier from model classes * [HHH-6134] - Migrate processing files to use Jaxb-generated classes * [HHH-6138] - Implement addition of annotated classes and packages in Metadata Sources * [HHH-6141] - Develop scheme for ordered processing of Metadata Sources sources * [HHH-6142] - Integrate JAXB-based binding code and Metadata Sources * [HHH-6146] - remove Tenant Identifier, add to with Options selections * [HHH-6147] - Add support for multi-tenancy to Stateless Session building * [HHH-6155] - Migrate o.package to o.h.internal * [HHH-6168] - Create an attribute binding for many-to-one and implement Domain State and Relational State for HBM XML * [HHH-6191] - repackage org.hibernate.cache per api/spi/internal split * [HHH-6192] - Split org.hibernate.collection package up into api/sip/internal * [HHH-6193] - Split org.hibernate.context package into api/spi/internal * [HHH-6194] - Better jaxb task to leverage Gradle up-to-date checking * [HHH-6196] - Split org.hibernate.engine package into api/spi/internal * [HHH-6198] - Split org.hibernate.event package into api/spi/internal * [HHH-6199] - Split org.hibernate.exception package into api/spi/internal * [HHH-6200] - Split org.package into api/spi/internal Changes in version 4.0.0.

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Query Binder handles result Class paramter of @Named Native Query wrong * [HHH-6408] - An empty (ie not null) hibernate.connection.isolation raises a Number Format Exception Improvement * [HHH-6406] - Move JBoss Transaction dependency from 4.14 to 4.15.1 (no more dependency hell) ** Task * [HHH-6278] - quote all db identifiers * [HHH-6350] - Integrate new metamodel for a root entity with simple attributes and no joins * [HHH-6368] - remove deprecated hibernate annotations * [HHH-6372] - Provide a temporary way to initialize basic types in metamodel * [HHH-6404] - Move Hibernate Search integrator from Hibernate Core to Hibernate Search * [HHH-6407] - Add Simple Alias(Dialect) and implement in subclasses Changes in version 4.0.0.Temporal * [HHH-6490] - Support @javax.persistence. Lob * [HHH-6501] - Support @org.hibernate.annotations. Parent * [HHH-6520] - if no @Generated Value on an simple @Id property, then the generator strategy should be assigned * [HHH-6521] - Column name is not quoted even the global quote identifier property is enabled * [HHH-6535] - Support @org.hibernate.annotations.Target ** Bug * [HHH-1780] - negation of EXISTS in hql query does not work * [HHH-4648] - Mapping exception when one class maps to multiple tables.Auxiliary Database Object extends org.hibernate.mapping. Relational Model * [HHH-6419] - Thread Local bound session proxy does not let Session Implementor#get Factory() go through on inactive transactions * [HHH-6442] - Jar Visitor Factory is reconstructing URLs without the URLStream Handler association * [HHH-6451] - adapt hibernate-ehcache to the new api * [HHH-6456] - Test failure in Cached Property Ref Collection Test behind a proxy * [HHH-6460] - Abstract Entity Persister is missing simple property information * [HHH-6467] - Non-association attributes are not dirty-checked ** Deprecation * [HHH-6395] - Deprecate org.hibernate.annotations.

Entity ** Improvement * [HHH-6417] - Make Event Type more debugger friendly by implementing to String * [HHH-6421] - Reduce log level of Lazy Initialization Exception from ERROR to TRACE * [HHH-6437] - Improve Database to track default Schema object * [HHH-6447] - Develop shared binding creation approach ** New Feature * [HHH-6397] - Create @Dynamic Insert annotation * [HHH-6398] - Create @Dynamic Update annotation * [HHH-6399] - Create @Select Before Update annotation * [HHH-6400] - Create @Polymorphism annotation ** Patch * [HHH-4630] - Criteria join on composite identifier generates wrong alias, SQL error ** Remove Feature * [HHH-6402] - Remove previously deprecated annotations ** Task * [HHH-6257] - Add Identifier Generator to Entity Identifier binding * [HHH-6355] - Have attribute bindings return single, aggregated Cascade Style * [HHH-6357] - Add Attribute Fetch Mode() * [HHH-6371] - Develop metamodel binding creation using a push approach * [HHH-6416] - Move Auxiliary Database Object into Database * [HHH-6420] - SQL Server dialect is broken (Tomaz Cerar) * [HHH-6444] - Integrate new metamodel into Schema Export * [HHH-6449] - Change Create Strings/sql Drop Strings(Metadata Implementor) to take Dialect argument instead * [HHH-6450] - Change length argument of Type Name() and Type Names size/capacity to long * [HHH-6453] - Enable new metamodel in Base Core Functional Test Case * [HHH-6462] - Build fetch profiles, caches, current session context and transaction environment from new metadata Changes in version 4.0.0.Beta4 (20) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ https://hibernate.onjira.com/browse/HHH/fixforversion/11242 ** Sub-task * [HHH-6392] - Implement attribute overrides for mapped super classes ** Bug * [HHH-2614] - Blob Length Set to 255 By Default With Derby DB * [HHH-6380] - Annotations source maps Single Column Type values to Tuple * [HHH-6381] - using @Secondary Table with optional=true not handled for joined subclasses (@Inheritance(strategy = Inheritance Type.JOINED) * [HHH-6401] - Create @Optimistic Locking annotation * [HHH-6418] - org.hibernate.metamodel.relational.There are situation where we want to squeeze even better performance from the system, and we can move to Raven DB’s aggressive caching mode. Consider the case of me updating a document "users/1" with a new email.Aggressive caching means that Raven DB won’t even ask the server whatever anything has changed, it will simply return the reply directly from the local cache if it is there. How do I tell a client that has cached the query users by email about that? Scooletz, Yes, it could be made to work, in which case it would: * Require complex config when running in web farms. * We don't have tables, and collections are virtual, it means that in some cases, this wouldn't work.Dynamic Filter Test test Sql Syntax Of Filters With Unions fails with Ingres dialect * [HHH-6228] - Build is platform dependent ** Task * [HHH-6110] - Initial work to integrate new metamodel into persisters * [HHH-6156] - Deprecate Configuration * [HHH-6186] - Upgrade Hibernate 4 to Infinispan 5.0.0.