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Don't want to use the lag function because I will not have the information on how many records to go back.

I have a table that contains Employee Raise information.

The positioned update statement depends on the cursor and any tables the cursor references.

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If columns were specified in the FOR UPDATE clause of the SELECT statement used to generate the cursor, only those columns can be updated.

If no columns were specified or the select statement did not include a FOR UPDATE clause, all columns may be updated.

for ex:- I have 10 records in line level.i want to focus my cursor on perticular like (5th record) how to possible in form. Thanks for your reply, I have 1000 lines in the form but one time it is showing 8 lines in the form.

Now i will check the check box for some lines 5,10,20,35 like this.

after that i will press push button it will generate req numbers for that lines that time cursor should be on 35 is last record.

I'm having difficulty figuring out how to check Previous records in order to see if the current record should be updated.Whenever you alter the value of a column referenced by the -- All the employees except the manager of -- department (WORKDEPT) 'E21' have been temporarily reassigned.-- Indicate this by changing their job (JOB) to NULL and their pay -- (SALARY, BONUS, COMM) values to zero in the EMPLOYEE table.Took me a while to see the button on the top right rather than the usual drop-down, since the UI is slightly different from landscape or computer. @Mike Meyers I did know about the copy/paste issue; that's a bug with codemirror (I'm hoping they'll fix that soon).Partly I also didn't fancy typing complex SQL in using the i Pad keyboard. The landscape/portrait UI changes do take a bit of getting used to - it's a standard bootstrap convention.I want to Put a X in the IND field if there has been a previous Merit increase PCT greater than the current Merit increase within the last 6 months. Emp Action Date Code proj PCT Ind ==================================================== 123 raise 2012/01 COL acct 2 123 raise 2012/01 Merit soft 7 123 raise 2012/02 Merit Acct 4 123 Raise 2012/05 merit soft 6 ?