Updating links in excel

For further details see MS support and many other websites: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Create-edit-and-manage-connections-to-external-data-89d44137-f18d-49cf-953d-d22a2eea2d46 RTD / DDE: Real Time Data and Dynamic Data Exchange.These are ways of getting data from COM instances on a server.

If it is automatic then it is refreshed live in Excel as soon as the source document is changed, even without saving the document.If it is manual then it can be updated through Edit Links, select the link, click Update Values.In the This Workbook class module: OLE: Object Linking and Embedding can be used for other Office applications such as linking Word or Power Point to Excel.You could link Excel to Word if you like, odd though it looks.Two types of changes can disrupt the links to your Excel Workbook. In this example I've linked to the tab "Linked Sheet" which is the first worksheet of the Excel workbook 2.

After creating the links I decide to alter the Linked Excel workbook.

”; that is, an Excel file name followed by an exclamation mark.

As well as intentionally created links you enter in formulas, links can be created by Excel when you copy sheets from one workbook to another, and those sheets contain references to other sheets either obviously in formulas or less obviously in range names.

If you get a prompt to update links when you open a workbook, but you cannot find any cells containing links, the link is probably in a name. If the source workbooks are open at the same time as the target, the formulas are part of the recalculation chain as normal.

Use the Name Manager (either Excel’s own or the free third-party JKP Name Manager ) to check all names for links, particularly phantom links which are not used but clutter up the list. The link values from closed files are not refreshed in a recalculation.

To control whether values are updated when the workbook containing the links (the ‘target’ workbook) is opened, use the Edit Links button in the Data tab of the Ribbon. If true, the user is alerted and can choose whether to update or not. 2: Don’t display the alert and don’t update automatic links Links are not updated at startup, regardless of the setting of Application. 3: Don’t display the alert and update links Links are updated at startup, regardless of the setting of Application. Excel provides no way to automatically refresh the values of external link formulas to CLOSED workbooks. To update all links, pass it the array of link sources as follows: If you omit the parameter, by default Excel uses xl Link Type Excel Links.