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To check the serial number and firmware version: Self-Test is no substitute for field testing: you must still perform regular trailhead tests.

The cloned stories will then be placed at the top of your Icebox and the selected stories will be deselected by default, to prevent accidental actions.

See Making copies of stories for more on story cloning.

To find a particular label, start typing a label name to find matches in the dropdown list.

If no labels match the string you have typed, you’ll see a button that you can click to add that text string as a new label and apply it to all the selected stories.

The Backcountry Access (BCA) Tracker3 is the first avalanche transceiver that allows the end user to update firmware on the unit directly, using a personal computer (with Windows) and the Tracker3 Utility software.

There is no additional hardware needed and the unit does not need to be updated by a dealer or service center.You can select all the stories in a specific panel (including the Search Result panels) by clicking the Panel actions menu at the top right of the panel, then Select All.For example, you could click on an epic label and select all stories in the epic, or click on a regular label and select all the stories returned in the search results.If you would like a shortcut on your desktop, check the box during the installation process and it will be created automatically.After installation, the Tracker3 Utility is ready to use.You’ll see a dialog that will allow you to replace the requester or owner(s).