Updating subversion

I've updated the Subversion plugin of jenkins to version 2.2 Now i get following error for repos which build the first time after the upgrade and for repos where something within an external changed. I tried to add additional credentials but this did not help. Subversion Change Log Builder.build Module(Subversion Change Log Builder.java:189) at Now i hope someone has an idea what else can be tried to fix this annyoing issue. Subversion Change Log Builder.run(Subversion Change Log Builder.java:132) at Subversion SCM.checkout(Subversion SCM.java:899) at hudson.model. Abstract Project.checkout(Abstract Project.java:1411) at hudson.model. Abstract Build$Abstract Build Execution.default Checkout(Abstract Build.java:671) at SCMCheckout Strategy.checkout(SCMCheckout Strategy.java:88) at hudson.model. Abstract Build$Abstract Build Execution.run(Abstract Build.java:580) at hudson.model. Free Style Build.run(Free Style Build.java:46) at hudson.model.

HTTPConnection.request(HTTPConnection.java:384) at org.core. HTTPConnection.request(HTTPConnection.java:373) at org.core. HTTPConnection.request(HTTPConnection.java:361) at org.core.dav. DAVConnection.perform Http Request(DAVConnection.java:707) at org.core.dav. DAVConnection.exchange Capabilities(DAVConnection.java:627) at org.core.dav. DAVConnection.open(DAVConnection.java:102) at org.core.dav. Connection(DAVRepository.java:1020) at org.core.dav. Latest Revision(DAVRepository.java:180) at org.core.internal.wc2 Svn Ng Repository Revision Number(Svn Ng Repository Access.java:118) at org.core.internal.wc2.

Svn Repository Locations(Svn Repository Access.java:148) at org.core.internal.wc2

Svn Ng Repository Access.create Repository For(Svn Ng Repository Access.java:45) at org.core.internal.wc2.remote.

Svn Remote Log.run(Svn Remote Log.java:160) at org.core.internal.wc2.remote.

I've used relative externals to bypass this issue before, but that doesn't seem to be sufficient anymore. So this part of your job config ends up looking like this: Edit: As it turns out, the above did not improve the situation: The credential error still occurred and moreover commits to external repos did not trigger Jenkins to build the software.

All other SVN software works fine with a single set of credentials for externals in the same repository, so Jenkins should be able to do the same. I followed the recommendation here (that also mentions security concerns with the approach described above) and used modules in Jenkins for my external repositories.This is how my module configuration looks for an external repo: Hey. Can you please give a bit more detailed info on how i can fix this? Perhaps you have a hint what i could try for the additional credentials.Svn Remote Log.run(Svn Remote Log.java:35) at org.core.internal.wc2. Subversion Change Log Builder.build Module(Subversion Change Log Builder.java:177) ... SVNCancel Exception: svn: E200015: No credential to try. SVNError Manager.cancel(SVNError Manager.java:37) at org.core. SVNError Manager.cancel(SVNError Manager.java:32) at org.core. Default SVNAuthentication First Authentication(Default SVNAuthentication Manager.java:185) at org.core.Svn Operation Runner.run(Svn Operation Runner.java:20) at org.core.wc2. HTTPConnection._request(HTTPConnection.java:694) at org.core. HTTPConnection.request(HTTPConnection.java:382) ... 29 more Ok after many comments on the official bug report we were able to solve this issue.Svn Operation Factory.run(Svn Operation Factory.java:1238) at org.core.wc2. So to get it working you have to update to the newest 2.3-snaptshot of the subversion plugin, which can be found here: https://cloudbees.com/job/plugins/job/subversion-plugin/ (Download the file and install it on your jenkins) SVN Server Name.If you understand this principe it's really straight forward but yeah no-one really knew how to fix this issue until we found out that the update of the subversion plugin requires this new configuration I wonder when the Jenkins team finally comes up with a fix, so this bullsh*t workaround is no longer necessary.