Updating ubuntu through terminal

One relates to Nvidia graphics card and other relates to Intel graphics card.

Two of the most prominent issue with Ubuntu 13.10 are brightness control and sound. In this quick post, we’ll see how to fix brightness function key not working in Ubuntu 14.04.

On my Dell Inspiron, using the function key to change the brightness did not yield any results.

Brightness was at the maximum and my attempts to lower it went in vain.

It turns out, there are two bugs related to brightness issue in Ubuntu.

An indicator that the graphics card in use is Intel.

Below you'll find instructions on how to install it in Ubuntu / Linux Mint via a PPA repository.The PPA supports JDK8 for both 32bit and 64bit as well as ARM (ARM v6/v7 Hard Float ABI - there's no JDK 8 ARM Soft Float ABI archive available for download on Oracle's website).As a reminder, the Web Upd8 Oracle Java PPA doesn't include any Java binaries, just a script that automatically downloads and install Oracle Java 8.Everything is done automatically so you'll get updates through the update manager for JDK8 which includes JRE8 and the Java browser plugin.It's also important to note that the Oracle Java 8 installer is considered in alpha and is offered without any guarantees! If you ISP or router blocks the ports used by the Oracle Java 8 download servers, the installation may fail.Our PPA supports Ubuntu 16.10, 16.04, 15.10, 14.04 and 12.04 as well as Linux Mint 18, 17.x and 13.