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I work with a number of RTOs, and we exchange assessment items so that they get to have a look at mine, and I get to have a look at their’s.

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Remember the legal and ethical requirements that affect what we do?Our validation procedures must also ensure that we are meeting these requirements.Resource Parameters It is also important to consider costs when establishing validation processes.This includes costs in terms of the hours staff are involved in validation activities, as well as other resources that may be required, for example securing the services of subject experts for advice and validation.This is great professionally because I get to learn about ideas of other people, while at the same time fulfilling my VET Quality Framework duties. In it, I got together with some other assessors and we had a look at the assessment tools. Of course, how we go about it will depend on what our purpose is.

The following list gives us an idea of some validation processes.

What this means is that I am reviewing the assessment process and tools to work out if they meet the principles of assessment (especially: is it fair?

) and the rules of evidence (especially: is it valid and reliable? Example 2: Unlike the first example, there are lots of people who deliver the TAE40110.

There are all sorts of reasons why people validate.

Mostly it comes down to Vet Quality Framework requiring RTOs to do it as a condition of registration.

Training organisations need to be able to prove that they follow the Work Health And Safety Act during all assessments.