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For millennials, social media is often taken for granted.

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While this movie is made for general viewing, it could also double as a documentary that convinces teens of the real and serious dangers of social media.

The Major Danger of Social Media Through the course of the movie, we discover one of the major dangers of social media websites.

That is, how quickly photos, videos and all sorts of messages can travel.

Taking an embarrassing photo of someone you know can end up being viewed thousands of times from people all over the world within a matter of minutes.

The recent movie Unfriended shows us all how social media comes with it’s long list of side effects.

We explore how dangerous social media truly can be and why it shouldn’t be is negative ways.What is Unfriended Unfriended is a movie that was released in 2015 and it’s definitely different.The entire movie is viewed from a computer screen as you follow the characters through discussions online with their friends, family and entourage.It’s a scary truth that millions of people from all over the globe can see an embarrassing photo of yourself. It pushes unstable teens towards suicidal thoughts.Most teens lack self-confidence and don’t know how to deal with certain issues such as many people seeing an embarrassing photo.Suicide is most prominent among teens and social media makes it easy for teens get bullied 24/7.