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Granted, most ladies are concerned about your financial stability because they don't want to waste their time with a slacker who is going to ruin their good credit score.

The difference between being financially concerned and a gold-digger is that a gold-digger wants you to provide for them financially, and would ultimately leave you if you lost this ability.

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I focus on sex, dating, and how to marry a very rich man. I focus on sex, dating, and how to marry a very rich man. A gold digger is someone who is more interested in a relationship with your money than a relationship with you.They will need to earn respect from people, especially people they've used in the past. They will give them what they want in order to buy their love or attention because they are insecure and afraid of being alone. They will ignore them or not want to deal with them because of their ways.Teach them there is satisfaction in earning your own way in life. See more questions like this: Do men test if you are a gold digger ( to have financial stability) Gold diggers will become upset when you don't give them money.Living in New York, wealthy men are around every corner – thankfully, so are attractive single ladies.

Due to the existence of both, you're bound to come across a gold-digging whore.Yet – she is strutting around in a ,000 Chanel bag and Manolos.They will often position the financial assistance as a loan until things get better, despite the fact that there are no indications of them being financially dependent, as most gold-diggers don't work.Don't even think about introducing the bitch to your boss – she'll be sucking his cock in the bathroom in no time.Rides Bareback If your girl doesn't seem to be interested in making you wear a condom, she's either stupid, or a gold-digger.You are already in a relationship and you've realized your partner is a gold digger! Here are some ways: Men often treat a gold digger as a possession - a commodity.