Who is aj michalka dating now

But I think in this case, it comes from a really good place.

PS: What was your experience being your sister's maid of honor in her wedding? When you're so close and you've grown up your whole life together, it's like, I almost didn't see this day coming in a weird way.

AJ Michalka is certainly a woman with many different hats. We had a chance to catch up with the star and she told us all about her fun character, what it was like being her sister's maid of honor, and exciting news about Aly & AJ's third album.While she initially made headlines with her sister in the music industry, over the past few years, she has been making a big name for herself as an actress. POPSUGAR: I watched every episode of All My Friends Are Getting Married and I thought it was really cute and fun.Michalka was one of the producers of the film, alongside her sister and Ringer, and also participated in the casting process.In early May 2015, it was announced the film, now titled, Weepah Way for Now, premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 16, 2015.She has also had a successful acting career, and after two seasons in a recurring role as Lainey Lewis on the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs, she has been promoted to a regular role on the series for the third season onward.

Michalka has been playing the piano since she was six and started playing the guitar in her early teens. Michalka and Ryan Sheckler were seen cozying up quite a bit in 2008, though they never fully admitted to being an item. We've gone out on dates, but we aren't actually together yet," A. held at Chateau Marmont on Tuesday (January 31) in Los Angeles.So, I think for me, it felt very personal and it just felt like the right move.I was like, "wow, this is too weird." This is something that is in my life constantly, and now I get to play a role that is helping three best friends at once trying to make a wedding great, and kind of the ups and downs of how great a wedding can be, and how some people overthink it and some under-think it.The Two And A Half Men star announced the news on Tuesday by posting a photo of her dazzling engagement ring with the caption: 'Wanted to share the exciting news!