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Only a few years before Sylvester Stallone won an Oscar for Rocky, he was starring in a softcore porn film called The Party At Kitty And Stud's, though once Stallone shot to fame, the movie was re-marketed as The Italian Stallion.

Did you know that Magic Mike is loosely based on Channing Tatum's life?

That's right--he was a male stripper before becoming an actor.

She later changed her name to Marilyn Monroe and became one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood history.

Where would we be without the media over-saturation of the entire Kardashian klan? Olympia and famous for his competitive bodybuilding.

Maybe you don't know that the thing that brought them fame was when Kim starred in a "leaked" sex tape with her then-boyfriend, singer Ray J. Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger posed for a gay pornographic magazine.Since he later became not only an award-winning actor, but the governor of California, it might be safe to say he overcame his past.Martial arts master and actor Jackie Chan didn't reveal his porno past until a few years ago.In the '70s, he starred in a porn flick called All in the Family. He told the press he had no regrets and was just trying to make money.Dame Helen Mirren posed naked a few times before she became one of England's most respected actresses.Not only that, but she also starred in the controversial, nearly-pornographic film Caligula, which, in the theatrical version, ended up with most of the naughty scenes entirely cut out.