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People like to choose someone to blame so they don't get blames themselves.The press and media sources were allowed to run wild through the unbelievable corruption in Littleton.

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It is basically that religion is a form of control through fear and the cause of too many problems in the world. suicide rates are always on a high all over the world.

Secondly, as for his lyrics and the meanings behind them, I see them not as "Go kill people, kill yourself, and hate the world" but as an insight to the world we live in. So i take his lyrics more as a "Wake up and see whats around you", sort of like an awareness thing and I think that is why people are scared, disturbed and frightened off by his lyrics, because ultimately they speak truth to the world we live in and more so, the odd obsessions the world has (which is sort of the basis of his name, Marilyn Monroe, a celebrity icon from the 1960's and Charles Manson, a murder conspirator that is also an icon of the 1960's.) To me, his lyrics expose me to the reality of people and society, which I don't view as a bad thing.

It's better then being shocked when you can't just "pause" or "turn off" reality.

So in a nutshell, I believe the world fears and rejects and BLAMES him for stuff such as Columbine because he is "the poster boy" for the things society fears.

This is also the reason I love his music, image and everything he stands for and talks about. Give me the real truth on something or nothing at all.

Yay for people who actually know what the frik they're talking about.Columbine was nowhere near Manson's fault, yet everyone still pointed fingers at him and every goth kid after the massacre.Marilyn Manson conducted a random Thanksgiving poll to determine how many random women would have sex with him.Marilyn was hanging outside The Nice Guy in We Ho Wednesday when he grabbed our camera and asked the question.The chick didn't know it was Marilyn behind the cam, so it was clearly a scientific sampling. Hopefully I don't start a feud with this but for all the comments and stuff about Manson being a Satanist and his lyrics I have a few points.