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Many sources say that she was once nicknamed the "Jolly Blonde Giant" because of her 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) height, but she has admitted to making that up "for a laugh".she became involved with fashion modeling and eventually moved to Paris, where she lived for more than two years.

Romijn and Stamos became engaged on Christmas Eve 1997, and they married on September 19, 1998 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.Romijn subsequently resumed using only her maiden name, but revealed in an August 2013 interview on Conan that she had never legally changed her name back from Romijn-Stamos after a Conan staff member noticed "Romijn-Stamos" on her driver's license. The two actors were joined by Keri Russell and John Goodman as they all took turns giving advice to their young former selves.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Henry Cavill During Henry‘s turn, he referenced his role as Superman in the anticipated . Your life is going to be filled with so much joy and happiness, but when you turn my age, your biggest dream will come true.She also has starred in movies such as Rollerball, The Punisher playing a woman named Joan (Joan and Mystique are both characters from Marvel Comics) and Godsend.

She played the leading role in Pepper Dennis, a short-lived TV series on The WB Television Network.In April 2008, however, it was reported that Romijn would only be appearing as a recurring character in Season 3 due to a change in direction by the writing staff (aligning, fortuitously enough, with Romijn's pregnancy, which would have been inconsistent with her character's storyline).Romijn appeared as lab worker Jessie on the Adult Swim live-action show NTSF: SD: SUV:: for two seasons.You finally get to be in a Batman movie,” Henry, 32, expressed. “You know how you have all those Batman posters in your bedroom and how you run around pretending to Batman and always say, ‘Batman rules! Among other jobs, Romijn started her modeling career in 1991.