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Prior to upgrading our infrastructure, the network had only 1 subnet - 192.168.1.x network. 192.168.3.x - desktops (ie: dept b) Since this change, I went ahead and created a reverse lookup zone for the 192.168.2.x network and then 192.168.3.x network.The DNS forward and reverse lookup zones were running just fine. I do see all of the workstations in the forward lookup zone but their PTR records dont seem to be updating and appearing in the other reverse lookup zones I created.

I am new to this site so please accept my apology if my question is somewhere on this site.

I have an interesting situation that I would like assistance with if possible. Currently we have a Cisco PIX asa 5510 firewall providing DHCP to about 20-25 desktops.

I have 2 Windows 2003 DC's - 1 of them is an exchange 2003 server and the other is a file server and my primary dns server.

I know putting exchange on a DC is not recommended but due to financial costs , we had no other choice.

Although there are many different types of DNS records, most of these record types aren't commonly used.

So rather than focus on record types you probably The A record maps a host name to an IP address and the PTR record creates a pointer to the host for reverse lookups.You can create address and pointer records at the same time or separately.It states that "DNS server encountered error 32 attempting to load zone 2.168.192.from Active Directory.DNS server will attempt to load this zone again on the next timeout cycle.After you create the necessary zone files, you can add records to the zones.Computers that need to be accessed from Active Directory and DNS domains must have DNS records.