Windows updating for hours

While Windows 7 users can install Service Pack 1 or even buy the operating system with the service pack included, all updates released after the official release of the one and only service pack for Windows 7 need to be installed individually.

This convenience rollup is intended to make it easy to integrate fixes that were released after SP1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Microsoft will update the rollup packages regularly to add new patches and updates to them.

These rollups can also be integrated into installation media so that they are installed alongside the operating system.

It is up to the user to ensure proper backups are made of important documents and files.

Recommended app / driver updates and actions: For more information please email [email protected] In addition to the step-by-step instructions; for commercial customers whose corporate environment only supports clean installation of the update, you can now click here to view Windows 8.1 Clean Installation Instructions.** **Please note: Clean Installation Instructions are for Commercial Systems only, for example Windows 8 Pro.

Microsoft announced three upcoming changes to update procedures of previous versions of the company's Windows operating system today.The company created what it calls rollup packages for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 which are designed to bring the operating system to the newest patched version without having to install all updates released for it one by one. Before you proceed with the update, make sure you have System Administrator permissions, Wired Connection to the internet, network cable connected, BIOS update, Application(s)/ driver(s) updated and AC Power (if mobile device is being used); also ensure all important data is backed up in case of data loss on your drives.This step-by-step guide assumes you media backups of your hard drives and you are safe to proceed to Step: 1.Warning: Updating operating system, without first ensuring you have backups of your current files and operating system is a big risk.If you have no data to lose or you have backed up important data, you are ready to proceed. Disclaimer: Zoostorm does not accept any liability or responsibility for any errors or damages made to your computer during, or after updating this operating system.