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Styles looked angry in the ring as the crowd chanted his name.

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Styles said hes going out to the ring to speak his mind while Bryan told him to think about his career and Styles said thats what he is thinking about.The duo of Tom "allowed to talk during matches this week" Phillips and John Bradshaw Layfield were at ringside on commentary. AJ Styles made his entrance wearing one of his shirts and jeans, so hes not in his ring gear.Earlier on Tuesday I posted the review of Undertaker/Triple H from WM 27, which is match #20.Every day from now until April 2 Ill have a new post up, so check out the list of the Greatest Matches in Wrestle Mania Historynow!Styles said hes going to have a conversation with Shane Mc Mahon tonight about his career. Also, Styles never got a singles match rematch for the title like he was promised as well. Tom claimed that Wrestle Mania is the ultimate thrill ride because we dont know what kind of match it is. Natalya The crowd chanted for Lynch early as Natalya kicked her in the ribs.

It shows that the writing of this show has been consistently strong because they dont forget the little details so that when Styles is out there complaining its easy to defendwhat he is saying because he's right about a lot of it. Lynch tried to attack, so Natalya called a timeout.

I liked how Natalya got control with a move on the floor. Analysis: It makes sense for Carmella to make her mark since she wasnt a part of the womens promo last week.

Lynch is very good at making the comeback with her signature spots that the crowd is very familiar with by this point. I always want Natalya to get wins, but it doesnt matter too much since all of the non-Bliss women are number one contenders anyway. Styles was shown in the parking lot waiting for Shane Mc Mahon.

They slugged it out with Lynch hitting two clotheslines, leg lariat and a Bexploder by Lynch. Lynch slammed her down and applied the Disarmer submission.

Natalya tapped out for the loss after eight minutes.

Then he whined about being in an Elimination Chamber.