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The Svetambara pontiff, Sri Dharmadasagaî, lived in the mid-6th century.

The Old Gujarati prose commentary was written in 1487.

Their rebellion isn't violent or overt in nature; the circumstances that they live in wouldn't permit anything so dramatic.Instead the societal order is overturned in subtle ways, through the use of irreverent speech and the accumulation of small acts of defiance.But this, it can be argued, is imperative to a book where words themselves are repeatedly used as instruments of subversion, to shake up the established order."" This is the book's central theme and Bama expresses it with humour and gentle realism." In "Chilli Powder" a lower-caste woman provokes the ire of a landlady by cutting grass from her fields.

In another story a young Dalit coolly refuses to offer his seat to his father's employer in a bus and later addresses an upper-caste person as annachi, meaning big brother (perceived as an insult in this context, because it suggests a blood relationship between members of different castes).

He was neither born nor raised in Gujarat, and Gujarat did not end up a part of Pakistan, the state he espoused.

He went on to advocate for solely Urdu in his politics.

The writing is earthy and conversational (something the translation captures nicely), full of rhetorical questions ("Bama has a definite feel for the people she writes about (her own parents were labourers and she experienced this life firsthand as a child).

She expertly captures the cadences of their speech without holding anything back – which means readers with delicate sensibilities must be warned that the language is strong, even cheerfully crass in places.

You'll feel like you're sitting amongst the Dalits, listening in on their stories, participating in their circumscribed rebellions.[Did this for Tehelka.